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Over time, fans of BAD's COMBO PAGE have asked why it is not updated anymore, and if it ever will be again. It still comes up on web searches and some sites still link to it...

But BCP is not updated anymore (and probably won't be) because now we are doing BADCP full-time. We did some cool things with BCP; the combo lists were some of the most comprehensive on the web, and there are a lot of illustrations. But BCP was made solely to display game combo data and official art (rather than game opinion and/or industry views). Since its inception, the purpose of the site was to provide (and document) comprehensive combo lists for Capcom (and later SNK) fighting games; to list as many combos as possible for each title. This strict adherence to providing data was what made the site unique, but it ultimately left no place for commentary, philosophy, or theory. The site was never designed to convey views (which is why explanations and directions were always minimal), but changes in the industry and scene prompted me to design something that was...

Around the time BCP hit its peak, the site became increasingly difficult to manage, and at about the same time my urge to provide more had grown. Years and years of compacted frustration and disappointment in the industry and scene had angered me to the point that I felt that just providing data wasn't enough. I had to be heard. With the new project, I tried to provide new material while carrying-over some of the good things from BCP (and BSP for those who know about it). I wanted to convey all of the philosophy and theory that I couldn't do with BCP, but I also wanted to provide the solid data and incredible art from it. Another important aspect was screenshots. With BADCP, they compliment the articles and coverage (even down to specific sentences), but with BCP there really was no place for them. The design didn't necessarily clash with screenshots, it's just that unless the shots were of combo sequences, they wouldn't have complimented the content well.

Screenshots were always a concern with BCP, so when we were able to provide them with BADCP, we went all-out. And we still do! inspired by the designers who used to take the screenshots for Capcom's 16-bit titles, our screenshots are like digital coreography. We put painstaking effort into making sure each shot portrays its respective title in respect to the action onscreen and its backdrop.

Though it may look different, BADCP still retains all of the data and artwork of BCP (and BSP), while adding more detailed content to compliment them. And though it had had some member changes here and there, BADCP has more reliable support, overall.