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As with previous versions of BADCP, this section was originally for contacting the site with hate mail, comments, or questions. There was an e-mail link for contacting us, along with something about GamePro and EGM staff being assholes.

What's different about BADCP 2005 - 2008 [Re-Mastered]? Aside from glitch fixes and other cleanup, BADCP 2005 - 2008 has alternate versions of articles In The Face Of Loss, Until The Death, Guns 'N Swords 'N Just Plain Badassery, and DWPSPRev. These articles would have originally had screenshots, but didn't (due to time and space constraints), so they were included in re-mastering. In these articles, shots are essential for the reader to see everything the articles speak of; examples are the visceral action in Until The Death, and everything anyone hardly knew in DWPSPRev. Both Urban Reign articles were a concern, too (since the coverage of the full version of the game had no shots). Last but not least, the Links section was also addressed. The original Links version uploaded was mistaken with a previous version, and we had a chance to fix it in the re-mastering process.

In addition, all featured artwork on this site is copyright of their respective developers and/or artists. The writers of this site in no way claim production of featured artwork. The artwork on this site is presented as a means of preservation, so that the artists and/or developer's work lives on in respect to the quality of their work. In other words, this site contains artwork from various titles of various genres from various artists, but recognizes the copyrights that protect the artwork. Also, any references, quotes, and/or names of songs and/or bands are used in recognition of the rights of their respective authors, and no infringement of any type is intended. The names may be used in the manner of a tribute.

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[ BAD ] = Thanks
Mom and Grandpa; the never-ending support is everything to me. Those who have supported me: Zerojg21 (for countless CFE bouts to help prove that it's the best fighter Capcom made in a while), Tigs (for always "gaymen"), Meltdown Matt (for always being down to play), "Zodd" (for tirelessly keeping retro alive while supporting modern), Dave H. (I can't thank you enough), Breevin (for the support, and for letting me sleep on your floor), RB and Erica (for all the support through the years), Bulging Baby's Arm Shimada, MeGu. Thanks go to everyone who has helped me out along the way, and to any who I forgot; I appreciate your help and support! Thanks also to past members of the site, and the readers...

[ Design ] = Tools
BAD uses Notepad, Dreamweaver, and Paint Shop Pro 6 design software, and Genesis, SNES, DreamCast, and PlayStation 2 Ascii and Hori hardware.

[ Inspiration ] = The Creation Process
In addition to the mentioned design tools, this site was created with inspirational help from Terror, First Blood, Ringworm, Freya, Hatebreed, No Innocent Victim, All Out War, VooDoo Glow Skulls, Premonitions Of War, Scars Of Tomorrow, Poison The Well, Nora, Grade (R.I.P), Throwdown, Most Precious Blood, Candiria, Union 13, Sick Of It All, Dead - Reforce, A Day To Remember, Bury Your Dead, Emmure, Full Blown Chaos, Deftones, Korn, and Sevendust.

[ No Thanks ] = Please Die
Always to EGM and for everything they don't do, and to jealous punk bitches who exist only to try and break us down. We've given our lives for this, what have you given?