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The title of this article is probably baffling at first sight. The article is about the game GodHand, but it's called "GodNeck." A GodHand makes sense, but "what the fuck is a GodNeck?" And to go with it, a "GodNeck" sounds completely useless (and stupid). The title for this article wasn't originally "GodNeck." It was spontaneously with the occurence of a profound event. In fact, when it was changed to "GodNeck," the title came to be a parody of sorts (like the parodies in GodHand). A real-life parody...

In the game, Gene gets his arm chopped-off but doesn't die from it like most other people would. He is bestowed with the GodHand and goes on living. When this article was in its preliminary stages, I discovered that a low-life, wife-beating fucking bastard I know was shot during a "random" robbery. His usage of drugs, dealings with scumbags, and the number of people he has fucked-over make it highly unlikely that he was just an innocent "victim" attacked out of the blue by some stranger in a "random" robbery. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Anyway, one day (on the way to his car) this asshole is supposedly approached by a gunman who demands money. He tells the gunman that he doesn't have any money, and the gunman threatens to shoot him. Threatened at gun-point, the goddamn idiot says, "whaddaya gonna do...shoot me?" Fed up with the smart-mouth bullshit, the gunman pulls the trigger and drops his stupid ass like a bad habit. Fucking idiot.

Most people would die if they got shot in the neck...

...but he lived.

The parallel here is that just like Gene, he didn't die after sustaining an injury that most people would die from. The big difference is that Gene got injured trying to help someone, but the low-life who got shot has never cared about anyone but his fucking self. For years and years, karma had his number for all the bad shit he did, and that bullet had his name on it. Retribution...for all the pain and suffering he invoked upon others, and for the lives he destroyed, and for the lives he nearly destroyed...all manifested into a bullet through the neck. Bullies are heartless cowards, and sooner or later, they always get what they deserve. What happened to him wasn't some random act of violence, it was retribution generated from years and years of compounded bad karma. It was administration of justice. The parody lies in the bitter irony of it all; in stark contrast to the awesome power of the GodHand that was bestowed upon Gene, the bastard from the story got dick with the completely useless GodNeck. What a pathetic piece of fucking shit. Misery loves the company of pain and humiliation. I'm not sorry. What goes around comes around.

Questions still remain, though. How the fuck does someone get shot in the neck and still manage to live? Let alone a fucking low-life who has never contributed a goddamn thing to society? Nobody can say for sure, but it's not over. He's reaping what he's sown with poisoned seeds. He may have narrowly escaped this time, but no matter how far he runs karma won't be far behind. There is no escape. We dug this fucker's grave a long time ago, and that's all we had to do. We don't even have to do anything else. We'll watch him bury himself...