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[ 09/20/07 ] = Least Qualified

This article has been a long time coming. It is to those who have such a big problem with what other people like. It is to those who can't just let other people like what they like. It is to those who intimidate others into liking what they like. You hypocrites and self-proclaimed philosophers are always trying to justify your ignorance. You are bound to stupidity by a closed mind.

Over time you have told me that I'm not a "true gamer," or not "hardcore" because I don't like shitty retro games. You say that I have to like these games (for the same reason you tell me to like shitty butt-rock bands like Van Halen and Black Sabbath); simply because they're old. Because they are supposed to be "classics," and because they "started it all." I am supposed to like a dumb game like Pac-Man just because it's fucking old? And how do you justify your ignorance? By judging me and telling me all the "reasons" why I'm not "hardcore." So I'm not "hardcore" because I don't play some old shit? I'm a "scrub" because I could give a fuck about any of these shit games that you think are so great? So let me get this straight...I have played (and own) more games than any of you motherfuckers, I have stayed with games continuously since I started (even when they weren't cool), and I have given more to the scene than you ever have, yet I am the fake here (just because I don't play shit games that I've never liked)? I am the one who deserves to be judged, and deserves no respect? And for what? For playing what I like?

You have no fucking heart.

There are a lot of quality games you've buried (or ignored completely) in favor of overrated shit (out of popularity status). I don't even care; I say with pride that a ton of these bullshit old games should have been left in the "good 'ol daze."Age is irrelevant. All you hypocrites and fake fools can have your shit games, because I don't want them (so fuck you and fuck what you say). I see true classics out there, but what I see is different from what you idiots have been jacking-off to. Games like Gun.Smoke, Castlevania II, P.O.W., Renegade, Alpha Fight, and Breakthru deserve as much (if not more) attention than shit like Pac-Man, Xevios, or Zelda. And I'm not afraid to say that some of the new games are better than some of the old ones, either. Progression is natural, and I won't be pigeon-holed into thinking something is better just because it's older. There are just as many great games now as there were then. The whole idea of old plus classic automatically equals great is bullshit. Old plus classic does not always equal great, good, or fun. And liking shitty old games does not equal cool or hardcore (fucking bastards).

I will never falter, and especially not for fuckers like you who don't know shit in the first place. If liking shitty old games equates to being hardcore (or not), then count me out. It's funny how all you do is harrass others for what they like, and you think that everybody cares about what they think (when actually it's just the opposite). All your talk is just a whisper in the wind. I don't fucking care about some shitty game that you like, and nobody will change my mind. If you like some bullshit game just because it's old, it's not my fucking problem. People can like whatever shit they want to like. Some people open their minds, some people don't. Like what you're going to like, but don't be the judge of me just because I don't like the same games that you like. I know a lot of people who like games that I don't like, but we still have respect for each other. We have respect for each other's unique preferences, and we know these preference are part of a person's character. You have respect for no one (not even yourself). I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it's my life, and I don't need your shit.

You want me to convert to the way of thinking you're suggesting. But to what end? To be stripped-down, knee-deep in shitty old games with a cup of coffee and a fake smile on my face? All so that I can be accepted by some back-stabbing motherfucker that nobody cares about? Fuck that. I'll just go back to playing what I like, and if you got a problem with it then fuck you. You will never, ever break me. I'll stand my ground. Stay behind that line, because if you don't I'll put a fist straight into your fucking face. Come at me and you'll lose. I hate you. You motherfuckers started this (not me)...