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[ 01/26/06 ] = Good Times Dead And Gone

I'm getting sick and tired of this shit people call "growing up," or "having responsibilities." Sometimes it's even called having a "life," while other times it's referred to as "moving on," "not having time," or "doing more important things." These terms are used as excuses by those who have abandoned things that they enjoy. Abandonment out of guilt and pity influenced by many things, but mostly from merging with the opposite sex. It's like a virus, and once it starts it doesn't seem to stop. It starts out with gradual cancellation and quickly becomes disregard for one's own hobbies and interests. Lately and in the past, I've seen many use the aforementioned excuses in compromising that which they love (for that which uses love as a bidding chip). I've had enough.

Taking up new hobbies and getting older is fine, but why are videogames compromised? Why are videogames left out of the equation? How can someone gradually let go of something they supposedly love? The excuse of "no time" is bullshit. If someone really likes to do something, wouldn't they make time for it? How can someone have time to watch reruns on TV, spend hours on the Internet, or lay around (doing nothing), but not have time for the interactive experience of a great game? "Growing up" and "having responsibilities" are just socially-acceptable ways to say that you can't stick up for yourself to enjoy what you like. Merging with the opposite sex is often the biggest influence on one's abandonment of fun and enjoyment. Some call this phenomena stupid shit like "whipped," or "the love bug." I call it weakness because the whole bullshit story of "getting older,"growing up," and "no time" is not involuntary; people voluntarily choose to abandon people and things that they like. Thus, voluntarily choosing the path to hopelessness because they are too lazy to stick up for themselves. When someone has the means but cannot do what they want to do, there's a problem.

Love is used as a bidding chip by the selfish partner "B" to convey the influential misconception that partner "A" does not love partner "B" if partner "A" does not abandon what partner "A" likes. Blinded by this misconception, they don't see that love includes letting someone do what they enjoy doing, not unwilling and uncomfortable closeness through manipulation. So your bossy, controlling partner gets pissed and throws the guilt trip, or puts on the poop-face; big deal. Your insecure partner will get over it; chances are, you'll be with the person for the rest of your life, anyway. Why the fuck should anyone have to beg their partner to meet friends or do things they enjoy? Where's the sense of pride? Giving up valuable time for hobbies and friends out of fear or guilt is ridiculous. If your partner respects and understands you, they will simultaneously respect what you like to do, and that you have friends. I'm not saying that someone should completely ignore their partner in favor friends and playing games, but there needs to be a fair balance between the two. Too much leads to negligence of your partner, and too little leads to isolation from your partner. The solution is "not all or nothing."

Sure, I have a significant other, but I always manage to find a medium between the two; I take my girl out and spoil her, but I also make time for the things I enjoy (and for the things she enjoys). Though I have merged with the opposite sex as others have, I have stayed true and never surrendered my beliefs, friends, or hobbies. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made in order to find that medium, but in the end it is worth it. There were times when I sacrificed sleep to find that medium, but the priceless memories were worth the "trouble." We weren't meant to live in cages of guilt. Life is uncertain; tomorrow could be the day you breathe your last (or the day the world ends). Life in this chaotic world is short, and we have to live. Those who abandon what they love are not living. I refuse to be one of the walking dead.