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[ 12/08/09 ] = What Capcom needs to do... bank off the huge success of Lost Planet at home and bring it to arcades! Recently, there has been talk of Capcom re-entering the arcade scene in the States, and I've been playing a lot of Lost Planet, lately, so I got to thinking about how cool a Lost Planet arcade game would be. Then I started thinking of the approach Capcom could take to make it a reality...

[ Who ] = would play it?
All the kids who go to those PC Internet game cafe places. I remember this crappy place called "Jizzrazz" in Colorado, and the place was pretty popular among the youngsters. It's probably gone now (or at least I hope so), but the kids who went there are probably still playing multi-player games online for the XB360 or PS3; games like Lost Planet. Not just them, but the random average Joe (walking by arcade games with his girlfriend in tow) would play it, as well. Though Lost Planet is a Japanese game, it has a Western approach with Western appeal. The game is popular in Japan, but there is no denying the fact that it caught-on like wild-fire in the US (and might even be doing better there).

[ What ] = could it do?
It probably wouldn't do much to revitalize an arcade market that has virtually collapsed from the inside (thanks to meek operators) in the US, but it could definitely turn heads at places like Dave & Busters that are nationwide (in the US). Nationwide arcade chains (the few that are even left) could provide enough revenue to get Capcom back into the arcade business; should Capcom be diligent-enough to sell them on the cost-effective Type X2 hardware and the mass-appeal of Lost Planet.

[ When ] = should they make the move?
Soon. With the original LP already at a bargain price, and the long-rumored and often-denied Colonies Edition finally out, they should do it as soon as possible to ride the wave of the series' intial success. And if the sun has already set on the original game, then a simultaneous console and arcade release of a Lost Planet sequel could also work.

[ Where ] = should they release it?
Definitely in the states. A North American release of the game would do far better than a Japanese release would. The original game did well because the it was inspired by American first-person shooting games (but still uniquely Japanese in execution). The game could be a money-maker in stable US arcades like Dave & Busters.
A Japanese release would do alright, probably, but might not last in their ever-changing arcades (where low money-makers are quietly disposed of in a timely fashion).

[ Why ] = should they release it?
Because it might be just what they need to get back into the US arcade business. With all the uninspired, no-name crap you see at big US arcades these days, we need Capcom back more than ever! There is money to be made, and a Lost Planet arcade game could re-establish Capcom's presence in American arcades. Now, more than ever, is the time for Capcom' re-entrance into American arcades. With Lost Planet doing well, the re-emergence of retro IPs, and EGM pushing SFIV, the timing couldn't be better.

[ How ] = would they do this?
First of all, Capcom USA could convince Capcom Japan that it would be profitable (even though they already know it is), then Capcom Japan could get it launched on the Type X2 hardware (alongside Street Fighter IV) in the the same dedicated unit Half-Life - Survivor uses. Seeing Half-Life 2 on the less-powerful Type X+ hardware, and the visually-stunning Street Fighter IV on the more-powerful Type X2 hardware both show the possibilities of Lost Planet (or any other MT Framework game, for that matter) on Taito hardware. With the Half-Life - Survivor unit controls, they could probably emulate LP's dual-stick control scheme faithfully. The home versions of LP are all about finding matches online, and since Taito's Type X hardwares accel in networking, they could use a national match-making system (like Half-Life - Survivor uses now in Japan).

It could prove to be a profitable endeavor for Capcom, and to fans, a Lost Planet arcade game would be sweet!