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[ 08/09/08 ] = When People Become Obstacles

After a sudden (but well-warranted hiatus), we're back to destroy, and the content is harder than ever! So let's kick this shit off. More on the way soon...

I ride trains a lot. Subway trains, bullet trains, and everything else in between. For work, for play, and for the lady friends. So, on any given day I see a lot of different people. A lot of people don't have very good train etiquette (and some don't have any), and it's to be expected. Asshole businessmen who push old ladies, mothers, and children to the ground as they run to their trains, bitter, old bags who throw elbows, shitbreath shogunistic assholes, and the list goes on and on. But there's one that has recently caught my attention. The asshole "gamers" who bring their portable systems on crowded trains and think they have the right to inconvenience other people.

To each their own. Outside of the house, I only play mine in hotel rooms or dormitory rooms (when I'm on tour), but if other people want to bring their portable hardware outside of their home and onto buses and trains, then that's their thing. But when their thing becomes everyone else's burden, we have a problem. And with NDS and PSP selling well, this problem can be seen everywhere you go. I'm losing my patience with these fools. Here is some advice to you idiots who have no clue as to what the rest of us think of your behavior and lack of respect:

First, on a crowded train, PUT THAT SHIT AWAY. You fuck me off when I have to stand near you, and you probably fuck everyone else off, too. "But Monster Hunter 2 is so good I can't stop!" Well, I like the game, too, but you need to turn that shit off and put it away to show some common courtesy to the people around you. Nobody should have to stand in some fucked-up, contorted position just so that you can ride the train with your arms outstretched in front of you to play a game. You are not special. There is nothing that grants you the privilege of enjoying the train ride at everyone else's expense. You are selfish, and you need to think about the others around you. The world does not revolve around you. Most of us don't really want to be on the train (especially with fools like you), but SHOW SOME RESPECT.

Second, don't look at me and everybody else like a hamburger. Like we did something wrong or some shit; you are wrong. We aren't the ones inconveniencing everyone else like a selfish asshole. If I had it my way, I'd wrestle that thing from your dead hands, punch you in the face, and sell that shit. Maybe that way you'd learn some respect. Unfortunately I can't do that, but everyday I pray that someone else will. And if I were so lucky as to witness justice being served (cold), I'd be there to shake their hand and congratulate them on a job well-done (because you're a piece of shit).

Third, don't fucking race to the train when it arrives. Everyone hates how you cut to the front like an asshole and then walk slow because your ass is preoccupied with the game device in your hands. If being considerate is so hard, then at least try to be consistent. Race to the train and get on the motherfucker as quick as you raced up to it; don't race up to it, get on all slow, and stand in the doorway like a fucking retard. People need to get to where they are going, and YOUR ASS IS IN THE WAY! Get out the way. Nobody has time for your bullshit.

Fourth, with not a care in the world, you stroll casually onto the train with your head down, paying no attention to everyone else waiting to get on. Then you stand right in the fucking doorways people use to get on and off the train. WHAT THE FUCK? Get your ass out of the motherfucking doorway; other people need to pass. No, not over there in the fucking corner between the seat and the door; get completely away from the goddamn thing. What is it with you idiots and doors? Do you have to stand in front of doors and inconvenience everyone else? Fucking bastards.

You assholes make game players and fans look bad. The true fans. Those who do not inconvenience everyone around them to play. Maybe society's view of game fans wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for you selfish, inconsiderate, spoiled fucking brats. Yeah, I called you spoiled fucking brats because you are. And now it's up to the rest of society to discipline you because your lazy fucking parents didn't have the balls to do it on their own. So here's a parting message from the rest of us, just so that you don't forget the way we feel about you: YOU MAKE US FUCKING SICK.