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[ Note ] = This article was originally a Message Board post in response to rumors of SNKP USA closing its doors.

With their lack of organization and release issues, this doesn't seem too far from reality. That, and they probably haven't been making much off of what they've released in the states. If they could just muster-up enough money to pay EGM off, they'd be able to push themselves out of the red!

I gave up on their US "support" a long time ago, anyway. I think what sealed the deal for me was when they announced that SSV double-pack that was supposed to come out in 2004 (PS2,XB); I waited and waited patiently only to be told that it was being changed to a single game for the Xbox only. What a fucking joke that was; I was so disappointed. I thought they had changed, but apparently they hadn't. Eventually, I just said, "fuck 'em" and got a Japanese PS2 with SST. Importing may be expensive, but at least you don't have to put up with their crap every time they get cold-feet...

They kick-out all this retro-themed stuff like nobody's business, but it took them how long to get NGBC out? And what happened to SST and KOFMIRA? Or KOF94RB? The blame gets put on Sony for its "strict PS2 2-D policy," but what's stopping them from bringing those games out now? Recently, there have been several 2-D releases from SNK for the US PS2 (most of which are based off old stuff), but still no KOF94RB, KOFNW, SSV, or SST? No Mark of the Wolves or Last Blade, either. And not even KOFMIRA or Metal Slug (3-D) to ride the "3-D gravy train?" Ridiculous. There was a time when the Sony excuse seemed valid, but I'm not buying it anymore.

I have always loved SNK's games, and I had faith in SNK USA, but they're just too unpredictable, and they've ignored some of their best games. Why haven't they supported more of their newer games with US releases? They're riding this retro wave, but a lot of SNK fans have the old stuff already, and want to play the newer games that were developed on newer hardware (like the AtomisWave, Type X, and Type X2). Most arcades in the US can't (or don't) get the arcade versions of these titles, so fans have to play them on home systems. SNK has a lot of devoted fans that would pay full-price for their new stuff if they'd just bring it out!

Things didn't have to be this way, but it seems they won't have it any other way. Maybe the hand-off to Ignition isn't so bad, after all?