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[ 05/15/08 ] = So Tired

I'm so sick of fucking complainers. First, it was Super Street Fighter II - Turbo: HD Remix, and now Street Fighter IV. You motherfuckers beg for Street Fighter IV, you got it, and now you're complaining? It's only 10% done, and you're already complaining? Fuck your preconceptions; even at 10% it looks killer. And if you got a problem with it, or don't like it because it's 3-D, or because of the muscles or some other shit, then FUCK YOU. Play on Capcom's terms and take the game for what it becomes, or fuck-off and go play "Third Strike." Play it until you fucking rot. If "nothing will ever beat Third Strike," then back the fuck off and stay with it. If Capcom would've named it some shit like, "Third Strike 3-D," would you have liked it? Fuck that shit.

And then you claim that Capcom's "not listening" to you if they don't put what you want in a game. Who the fuck do you think you are? They can't put everything that all you idiots want in a single game, and you're lucky they listen to you at all. If you want all that shit so bad, then make your own fucking game. You ungrateful bastards aren't even happy with what you got now, say nothing about making new games for your bitch asses. Like a bunch of spoiled little kids. It doesn't matter what they put out; you won't be happy. If you'll never appreciate any of their new games simply because they are new, then keep your fucking mouth shut and don't ruin it for the rest of us who actually want to see them make new stuff. I don't blame Capcom at all. You punk-ass bitch motherfuckers got nothing good to say. Get the fuck out of here.

Do I like all of Capcom's games? No, but I'm also not out there talking shit about them all the time. What's the point in talking shit about it now if you're just going to go back to it later when the scene says it's cool? So what are you going to do, now? Are you going to sit there crying over wishes Capcom has already granted, or do you want to actually get up and appreciate what you wished for?

And for the you over-zealous pricks at EGM/1UP, I got something for you, too. You've been talking mad shit about the series for years, and now, at the the drop of dime, you're all over SFIV trying to act like you know what the fuck is going on. You dropped the series (like a pair of shitty underwear) way back when, and now that SFIV has broke, you're back in and act like you've been with it. You are not true fans, and you are not fooling anyone. Did you think we wouldn't notice? Don't piss on our leg and tell us it's raining, because we can smell a lie like fresh shit. The only ones who are falling for (and eating) your shit are the idiots like you. Out of all the low-life scum, Capcom let you in on the game first? That saying is no joke; money talks.

The "1UP Show" you did on it was fucking ridiculous. The commentary is downright insulting. The best remark on it was when one of you said that Soul Calibur was deeper than Street Fighter. You have got to be fucking joking. There is no fighter out there as deep as most recent Street Fighter games. I'm not saying Soul Calibur isn't deep, but Street Fighter is (and always will be) the deepest fighter out there. Games like Virtua Fighter get close, but Street Fighter's unparalleled depth is always at the top.